Founder’s Message

A real privilege and honor for the Trust that it has already proved its invincible presence on the global stage through NIMS group of schools and Institutions under Manarul Huda Trust. Radiant vision, passion mingled with compassion, relentless efforts, untiring zeal and the translation of aspiration into action are the building blocks of the edifice of our educational system.

With the changing nature of the economic and social environments there has been a corresponding change in the concept of education. Rapid technological development has given man mighty powers but there have been a great decline in his moral aspects. Vaulting ambition, unhealthy competitions and greedy tampering with the environment have led to the increasing erosion of time honored values.

The horrifying stock of nuclear weapons is posing a great threat to wipe away millions of people. Here lies the importance in the shift of role of education from just a bundle of bookish knowledge to a tool of reformation in every walk of life. Learning has to be engaging, challenging, vigorous and integrated. We define education as a medium to transmit the culture to the new generation and transform the outlook of the young towards life in the light of past and future requirements of the society. Respect for moral and cultural inheritance coupled with a capacity for innovation and inventiveness, an appreciation of social sense, self reliance, and common humanity and the core principles of responsibility, intellectual integrity, enhanced creativity and disciplined dedication constitute our system of education.

Let’s wake up to the need of the hour. Learning doesn’t mean stuffing human brain with certain grim and vague theories and indigestible formulae. But it should instil in the learner the practical wisdom which enables him to discharge his duties efficiently, assume responsibilities and face the social issues with innate resilience and technical efficiency. Every child is God’s gift with insatiable intellectual curiosity and a touch of imaginative power. Like fire in a piece of flint, knowledge exists in mind. Education discovers and unveils these inherent talents and makes it perfect for a noble and fuller use. Such thoughtful, compassionate, and cooperative human beings can live productively in an increasingly chaotic, complex and information-rich world.

My dear children, when you are inspired by a great purpose, true vision, authentic mission and a noble project all your thought break the boundaries, transcend any limitations, consciousness get expanded and you find yourself in a new dynamic world where you are the master. You can make wisdom a weapon to ward off destruction and without it material riches turn to dust and ashes. We must, of course have engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs and other professionals but they must be imbued with abiding spirit of spiritual and moral values of worthy life and the tradition that our country prides. Let’s go ahead with pride in the noble past and faith in the promising future. We may fade as flowers one day but strive hard to keep the fragrance as fresh as ever. Lighting the lantern of knowledge, showing compassion to the less fortunate, making commitment to the highest standard of honour and integrity, keeping imagination ablaze to follow the unexplored path and thanking to the endless grace of the Almighty, we can continue our journey to the peak of perfection. May Allah bless us with His unparalleled generosity and benevolence to overcome the impediments and hurdles in our path and scale the greater heights to touch the sky with pride and confidence.