Vice-Chairman’s Message

It brings me great joy to be a part of the NIMS Group and Manarul Huda Trust. It’s an honour to represent our organisation and speak on its behalf.

What makes us different from others is the uniqueness rooted in our vision and mission. We aim to progress this generation towards a better life by providing quality education, healthcare facilities, and promoting cultural values. With special attention and care, we uplift marginalised and vulnerable sections of society.

It’s impossible to acknowledge the hard-working and amazing team behind our organisation. Their dedication and determination are invaluable assets to our cause. By cohering to the principles of equity, inclusivity, and sustainability, we ensure to enhance the quality of life in every possible manner. 

Moreover, we are committed to seed innovations and embrace changes throughout the journey. As we keep moving towards our goals, we intend to create a positive impact in our community and beyond. Thank you for the persistent support and commitment to our shared vision. Together, we will make a difference.

Samir Bin Kamal
Vice Chairman