Chairman’s Message

It started as a humble beginning, and as years have gone by, we have grown to such an amazing height with our roots gone so deep and strong!

The first school under our umbrella organization was started by my late father Dr. M K Kamaluddin in Dubai, in 1980, with a strength of 35 pupils housed in a villa. It was started with the sole aim of providing the best and quality education to the educationally and economically backward community in general and the weaker section of Muslim society in particular.With the grace of God Almighty, the sincere attempt behind the commencement of that institution has proved successful, and today, under the Manarul Huda Trust and the New Indian Model School Group, there are altogether 22, educational institutions spread all over the UAE and South India.

Besides the regular CBSE syllabi, our schools also undertake Quranic studies along with Islamic studies for Muslim students and moral classes for others. The overall development of the student by infusing the energy of the mind and body on the platform of spirituality is the aim of all our institutions. Children should have the capacity to face the challenges of life. To achieve this, training should be imparted from nursery classes itself. Moreover, they should be taught to be respectful and caring towards elders and even those younger to them. We have come all these years with such noble ideas in mind and our students all over the world make us proud and strong to go ahead more vigorously.

Education with equal emphasis on spiritual and moral values only can make our lives successful. There is nothing in this world that sincere effort and prayer cannot overcome. I pray to Almighty to give strength and courage to take this vision of my great father forward for posterity.

Zakir Hussain Kamaluddin